Healthy Chips

So I was recently asked about how to make slimming world friendly chips so thought I would add the recipe to the blog for easy referral as it is so easy.

IMG_0139All you need is a potato (doh!) and low calorie spray oil.

Step 1: Cut up the potato to your prefered size of chip and boil them in a pan for 10 mins or so.

IMG_0140Step 2: Drain the water and lay out on a baking tray. Be sure the tray is big enough to be able to lay the chips out in one layer. (Spray the chips with low cal oil, spice things up by using a garlic infused oil.)



Step 3: Bake for 15/20mins (depending on how thick you chips are, keep an eye them) For best results turn them every so often to ensure they are crispy all over.



IMG_0142Viola, hey presto, healthy slimming world friendly chips that are free on the regular plan.

Hope you enjoy them, I know I do 🙂