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Book Review: the clever guts diet

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I’ve just posted my first ever book review. Visit my site to read the full version.

As someone who has constantly battled with tummy troubles for the last 10 years I was certainly intrigued when I came across this book.

In a nutshell the book delves into the depth of your gut, not the most glamorous of organs as the author himself describes it, to reveal the world of microbiomes. 

The cover of the book boasts that following the guidelines could cut sugar cravings, boost your immune system and help you lose weight naturally. How could I not have a little read?



the clever guts diet2The clever guts diet

Dr Michael Mosley
Published by Short Books
Copyright © Parenting Matters Ltd 2017



The Ugly Truth

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2017 has been a health nightmare for me and there is no one to blame but myself. January saw me starting a new job and what I intended to be ‘new start, new me’ quickly disappeared into the horizon. Getting to grips with an extremely busy new role left me with little time and energy to take care of myself. 3 months in and I was feeling generally rubbish, lethargic and unhappy so I scheduled a doctors appointment. Results were in and my lack of taking care of myself had added a stone to my weight (the heaviest I have ever been.. EVER!!!) as well as early onset of DIABETES!!! I knew it was in the family but hadn’t paid attention to the warning signs. I felt terrible, I was mad at myself for letting this happen… an intelligent fully functioning woman could not take care of herself.. unacceptable!! The doctor asked me if I wanted to be put forward for weight loss surgery and I said yes. Who am a becoming? I am not this person, this person who needs medical intervention because she can’t say no to cake and carbs!!

A further 3 months in to the year and I found myself drowning in self pity, absolutely no energy, wanting to go to bed from the moment I got home from work, sleeping terribly, avoiding going out with friends as that means having to dress up. This isn’t me!!

Finally a few weeks ago I worked up enough bravery to decide enough is enough. It came about it a very round about way; the day my mother was admitted to hospital for a weight loss procedure (runs in the family much?!) I was passing time while she was having the procedure and ended up purchasing a swimming suit as it was a pretty hot day and we were near the beach. Post op my mother advised me to do all within my power to avoid having to go through what she had. Once I was back to normal life I looked in to my local area and found there was a pool between my house and work. So Monday morning I took myself off at 7am and had my first swim… I found that I loved it and that getting ready at work post swim was not really as much hassle as I thought it would be. After a few weeks I found that I was being consistent in attending and so it was more financially viable to sign up for a full gym membership and get all access to gym equipment too. I am totally out of my element at the gym, I find them very intimidating, however this gym has a female only room until my confidence is in a better place to branch out. One day I might even attend one of the classes on offer.

Swimming has helped me to get back on track and ensure I am looking after all areas of health. I dug out my fitbit (see My Fitness section) to make sure I am making progress. I also came across a very interesting documentary about sugar and the effects it has on your body etc. If you are someone who wants to improve your health on the inside as well as the outside i advise you give it a watch. It is called That sugar film.

I am also going to get back on my instagram account so be sure to follow me there to see regular updates. @slimmers_world.

It finally happened

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So, I finally did it. Today I went jogging for the first time in over 3 years… hurrah for me. The Couch to 5K app had been loitering around on my phone for at least a couple of weeks taunting me, making me feel guilty and mocking my inactivity. So finally, fully over my cold, I cautiously set my alarm for 6am and hit the sack for an early night. Surprisingly I woke up feeling not as tired as I thought I would and with a quick brush of the teeth off I set.

I am using a free app called C25K to help me along the way. Not having jogged for over 3 years means I am completely out of shape and I knew if I had just tried to run a whole 30 minutes it would have been way too much for me. The app eases you in to being active and builds you up slowly from your seat of the couch to hopefully being able to jog 5K comfortably. The work out today was 5 minutes of brisk walking to warm up followed by intervals of jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds.

So what’s the verdict? It wasn’t too bad at all. Was a fab shade of pink at the end of it?…certainly! but the work out was totally manageable. Go me!

When will I learn?

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Our bodies are amazing things. When you sit back and really think about all the amazing stuff it does while you go about your business it can really bow your mind. Why then do we insist on taking it for granted?

Think of the day you get a new shiny phone. You are careful with it, you buy it a cover, put a plastic film on the front to scratch protect it, you have a little pocket for it in your bag, or carefully place it in your pocket. You know at all times where it is and reach for it without even thinking. Time passes and you stop being so precious with it. You know in a few months time it will be time to upgrade … and then the day comes .. out comes a shiny new phone and your last phone … is destined for that drawer in the kitchen where things go to die.

Sometimes I think we treat our bodies a similar way. We think we can do whatever we want with it because eventually we can get upgraded, but the truth is we can’t. We get one body, we get one life.

Where has this come from? Well… Today the Doctor told me my cholesterol was slightly high.. fun! (not!). Our bodies are amazing but they are also fragile. You get out what you put in and if you are putting in all the wrong things (like I am) then there are bound to be consequences and today those consequences have hit me square between the eyes.

Stoke, heart attack and heart disease are all risks of high cholesterol. These are not words that I am going to let define my life.

The good thing is it is relatively easy to lower your cholesterol with the main recommendation being a healthy diet and exercise .. all the things I am conscious of and working on already. Hopefully this will give me the kick up the backside I need to stick to it.


False start

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So the other night I was so good… I downloaded a couch to 5k app, dusted off my body magic clothes, set the alarm to get up early and then… when I woke up in the night to pee I remembered I was going to the theatre that night so wouldn’t be home till super late and then had an early start for work the next day so I opted for a little extra sleep… I am so bad.

I’ve not given up though… I am going to look at the week ahead and schedule in some jogs to get me started.

6 months in … how you doing?

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So we are well through the 6 month mark of my weight loss journey this year and my word, it has been a roller coaster.

I started off strong and then relapsed and so has continued the pattern. In amongst being ill for weeks at a time and holidaying in California (and Disneyland, eek!) I am at a total loss of 8.5lbs this year. Not a huge or momentous grand total at all, however I am determined not to give up.

Recently a woman on the train tried to offer me her seat because she thought I was pregnant! How mortifying. I was wearing a flowy dress so I guess she can be forgiven a little but it did knock me.

One of my long time friend recently took up jogging for the first time in her life and I think watching her grow in it has inspired me to get back out there. A few years ago I started jogging for the first time in my life and I was so proud of myself when I completed a 5K, the following year I went on to complete (albeit, I found it really hard) a 10k. Finishing that race put me off jogging and I took a long break … and 3 years later I am still on that break. Perhaps time to revisit it. The feeling of having to start all over again is a little overwhelming as any fitness I had built up has surely disappeared, but I suppose needs must.

New Year, New You?

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Christmas-cookiesWe are fast approaching the end of the year and with that comes an indulgent time of sweets, cakes, and all the Christmas trimmings. Of course along with this also comes the resolve that 2016 will be different, I’ll be healthier, more active and finally achieve that goal that I set myself every single one of the past 10 years… right? Well here is hoping so.

Personally I have had a terrible journey that last couple of months (hence the hiatus from the  blogosphere, surely it can’t just be me who gets to November and thinks to themselves, is there really any point ins starting to be good now, just enjoy your self and come January give yourself a proper talking to.

I am glad to say that although I have put all the weight I lost back on (although I am too scared to weigh myself to actually confirm this, so who knows what the scales are saying) I haven’t shied away from the party season and have adopted a ‘take me as I am’ approach. We all have something to bring to the table besides what we weigh if we don’t let that one thing define us. Don’t ever be afraid to be YOU, even if you feel you aren’t quite the best you yet, you still have so much to offer.

IMG_9796So here is a shout out to all you out there who are biding the time between now and the new year. Allow yourself time off if that is where you are at and I WILL see you on the other side, what ever it brings.

To all those who are going strong, stay strong and I look forward to your encouragement next year.

Whatever you are up to this Christmas season, I hope you are blessed.