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When will I learn?

Our bodies are amazing things. When you sit back and really think about all the amazing stuff it does while you go about your business it can really bow your mind. Why then do we insist on taking it for granted?

Think of the day you get a new shiny phone. You are careful with it, you buy it a cover, put a plastic film on the front to scratch protect it, you have a little pocket for it in your bag, or carefully place it in your pocket. You know at all times where it is and reach for it without even thinking. Time passes and you stop being so precious with it. You know in a few months time it will be time to upgrade … and then the day comes .. out comes a shiny new phone and your last phone … is destined for that drawer in the kitchen where things go to die.

Sometimes I think we treat our bodies a similar way. We think we can do whatever we want with it because eventually we can get upgraded, but the truth is we can’t. We get one body, we get one life.

Where has this come from? Well… Today the Doctor told me my cholesterol was slightly high.. fun! (not!). Our bodies are amazing but they are also fragile. You get out what you put in and if you are putting in all the wrong things (like I am) then there are bound to be consequences and today those consequences have hit me square between the eyes.

Stoke, heart attack and heart disease are all risks of high cholesterol. These are not words that I am going to let define my life.

The good thing is it is relatively easy to lower your cholesterol with the main recommendation being a healthy diet and exercise .. all the things I am conscious of and working on already. Hopefully this will give me the kick up the backside I need to stick to it.



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