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New Year, New You?

Christmas-cookiesWe are fast approaching the end of the year and with that comes an indulgent time of sweets, cakes, and all the Christmas trimmings. Of course along with this also comes the resolve that 2016 will be different, I’ll be healthier, more active and finally achieve that goal that I set myself every single one of the past 10 years… right? Well here is hoping so.

Personally I have had a terrible journey that last couple of months (hence the hiatus from the  blogosphere, surely it can’t just be me who gets to November and thinks to themselves, is there really any point ins starting to be good now, just enjoy your self and come January give yourself a proper talking to.

I am glad to say that although I have put all the weight I lost back on (although I am too scared to weigh myself to actually confirm this, so who knows what the scales are saying) I haven’t shied away from the party season and have adopted a ‘take me as I am’ approach. We all have something to bring to the table besides what we weigh if we don’t let that one thing define us. Don’t ever be afraid to be YOU, even if you feel you aren’t quite the best you yet, you still have so much to offer.

IMG_9796So here is a shout out to all you out there who are biding the time between now and the new year. Allow yourself time off if that is where you are at and I WILL see you on the other side, what ever it brings.

To all those who are going strong, stay strong and I look forward to your encouragement next year.

Whatever you are up to this Christmas season, I hope you are blessed.




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