Christmas Countdown
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Always get back on the horse

Well hello there cyber world.

It has been a long and busy summer on my side of the planet. Two holidays back home and a little wobble in between has taken its toll on my journey… but as always it is time to pick myself up and get right back on the horse. #nevergiveup right? Well truth be told this all happened last week but I haven’t posted as I wanted to ease myself back into the game as oppose to doing what I normally do aka jump right in all guns blazing and fall off the wagon by lunchtime lol (I’m not normal)

Slimmers WorldSo how did this week go? It went pretty OK actually. Salads galore, cloud bread, veggie chilli battled against cooked breakfasts, a Trinidadian extravaganza and new housemates’ baking habits. Lots of good decisions were made and even a tasty piece of home-made Pavlova was consumed … all this to result in a weight loss of 2.5lbs Yey.. it was all worth it.

At group tonight I signed up for a brand new 12 week countdown which will take me exactly up to the next time I visit home for a big Christmas party. Perfect! At a steady 2lbs a week I could be looking at dazzling friends with over a stone and a half loss.

Christmas Countdown

So the countdown is truly on for the Christmas season and I am optimistic for what the next few weeks hold. Hopefully the hardest thing will be what to wear for the big event.

Perhaps you are reading this and wishing you could be a stone lighter in time for Christmas and the truth is… you well could be. Every new day is a chance to make good decisions, all you need to do is make them one at a time.

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Lots of Love

Slimmers World


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