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What took you so long?

Well here I am back in the game. It has taken me a while and it’s been an emotional roller coaster so far this summer. I hit a total high right before going on holiday when I reached a target of losing my first stone … Hurrah I hear you cheer!! It was short lived, (she said, hanging her head in shame!) when I put on 5lbs while away. Instead of drawing a line, congratulating myself on having had an awesome holiday and moving right back into shifting it, I felt disappointed in myself and spiralled into a cycle of binging half the week and bringing it back the rest of the week and although I maintained at weigh in for 3 weeks straight. Not the worst that could have happened but still… not great habits.

Finally came the day a couple of weeks ago when I gave myself a strong talking to and reminded myself who I am doing this for … and well… turns out… it’s ME! I’m doing this to be healthy and happy in my own skin. With 5 weeks until I go away again I set myself some short term targets to give me some motivation.

  • Target 1: Lose the 5lbs I put on over the next 2 weeks
  • Target 2: Lose 6.5lbs over the following 3 weeks to take me to the 1.5 Stone point before going away again.
  • Target 3: Any weight put on while away will come off within the first 2 weeks of being back. Obviously in an ideal world I wouldn’t put on any weight while away… but let’s be realistic shall we

Week 1 weigh in went well with 2lbs coming off. Next weigh in is tomorrow and I’m feeling good about it. I would love it to be the full 3lbs I need to reach the first target.

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