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The countdown is on (well almost)

Had my weigh day today and I maintained… And I wasn’t at all surprised. Although maintaining is not to be shunned I didn’t put on which is great. The meals I ate were good slimming world meals but I had waaaay too many syns in the snacking department!
I had a brainwave and thought I need to set myself a challenge to really get the ball rolling and seeing the results that I really should be seeing. Trying on a bathing suit this week has really spurred me on to kick myself up the bum!

This week I am going Glamping with friends which is going to be so much fun but I’ll have little control over what food there is to choose from, so short term plan is to maintain this week but then… The count down is on till my holiday in Marbella where I’ll have to wear the bathing suit in PUBLIC! That dreaded moment is haunting me. I’m going to up the blogging frequency to document the countdown… U lucky readers! 


slimming world fake away book
slimming world fake away book

One other thing I am going to do… Perhaps after Marbella is work my way through the Slimming World Fake Away recipes that I got at meeting today and keep in the loop. Which reminds me… I popped into a lunchtime meeting today as I couldn’t make my usual one and they had some syn free cheesecake samples... I had a 2 cheeky squares and they were really rather yummy so I’ll definitely be trying that in the near future so make sure you follow me to not miss out.

That’s all for now but I’ll see you guys on the other side of Glamping with lots more updates to follow


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