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Chicken Soup: Food for the Soul

I’ve been trying to think about what to write about but because I have been sick, I really haven’t been up to much this week apart from recovering from a stinking cold. Thankfully I am on the mend.

One thing I do like to make when I am ill is good old fashioned Chicken Soup. Food for the Soul! So thought I would share the one I made with all you lovely people. Sorry to the vegetarians out there.

Step 1: Firstly I roasted a chicken. The only thing I did to prep it was spray it with Garlic Oil and sprinkled a little dry parsley on it. 2.5hrs later and it looked delicious. I regretfully threw the skin out as I know how naughty it is.

Step 2: I took off all the meat and threw the bones in a pan of water and allowed to simmer for a good half an hour to get all the goodness out of it. Doesn’t it look great!

Chicken Stock
                      Making Chicken Stock

Step 3: I drained the bones and threw them out and popped the stock back on the hob. Threw in some carrots, leeks, potato, onions, garlic and a shake of parsley. I added a little more water and a vegetable stock cube and allowed to simmer away until the veg was cooked. Right at the end I added some of the chicken meat back in and it was ready to go.

I think you’ll agree it looks delicious, and totally SYN FREE might I add.

Homemade chicken Soup
                Homemade chicken Soup

You can use the rest of the chicken meat for all sorts of things. I like to eat the legs as they are as they are my favourite bit. I used the remainder of the breast meat the following day with green veggies and gravy … mini roast! Yummy

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