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Everyone needs a starting point

So here it is my very first blog. It will be interesting to see how this shapes up over the coming months, all I know that this is MY starting point and I am taking ownership.

How did I get here?

Sometimes I wonder how I got here. 31, single and over weight. It would be so easy to try to lay the blame on others but being honest with myself, it really isn’t the case. From my childhood I was in control of the food that I ate. With a mother who was in and out of hospital and a father who couldn’t really cook, it was up to me to really take care of myself. I had no boundaries and if I wanted a double portion of pasta I would have one, if I wanted two desserts I would have them… surely I deserved it right? Either way there was no one around to tell me otherwise. Speed forward 15 years and I am an overweight and under confident girl who needs to change.

New Beginnings

My first Slimming World meeting was the end of February 2015. I weighed in at 15st 2lbs. After a great start of 5.5lbs loss the first week, I slipped up and put on 3lbs the second week, it came straight back off the third week but there is always a part of me that thinks where would I be if I hadn’t put it on the week before. I remind myself that it is a journey and as long as I am still walking the road I am doing ok.

Having previously attending weight watchers (I lost 2.5stone, most of which is now back on) Slimming World was a new experience for me. There is so much food you can eat and it isn’t ‘diet’ food AT ALL. This is fantastic. I also found that I didn’t have to weigh as many things as I did with weight watchers so it was really quite freeing. At first I was overwhelmed with getting my head around what are ‘free’ ‘speed’ ‘syns’ and ‘Healthy Extra’ foods but I caught on quite quickly and it was easy to plan meals. Personally I do find that planning in advance does really help. As does filling out a food diary … something which I’ve only done a couple of times, but it really does help you stay on track.

Weigh in days for me are Thursdays’ and this week … I put on 2lbs 😦 I was away the bank holiday weekend and it was ladies week, which always makes me want to eat the entire contents of aisle 4 at the supermarket (who’s with me?). I knew I hadn’t lost and I thought I might have gained, but I didn’t think it would be 2lbs so I was a little disappointed. BUT I’m determined to succeed.

Current Weight

Last weigh in’s weight was 14st 7lbs with a total of 9.5lbs lost so far. This week my target is to get those 2lbs back off and hopefully an extra 2lbs to go with it.  Make sure you check back on Thursday evening for the results.

Well I guess that is all for my first post. Join me on instagram to keep up with my meal log: @slimmers_world

Keep in touch

Are you a Slimming World member too? Get in touch and let me know how you are doing.The journey is better together.


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